At missINFORMED, alongside our free community resources and advocacy efforts, our skilled team of researchers also provides a wide range of professional services. 

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educational workshops/events

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custom resources


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research & project development

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policy analysis 

& development

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course development

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speaking engagements

Before we accept contracts to deliver products and/or services, we require interested parties to contact us via the form below with answers to the following questions:

  • Is your group a non-profit (specify incorporated or unincorporated), community group, business, or other enterprise?

    • If other, please describe your enterprise’s audience and overall goals  

  • Do you operate in the private sector or public sector?

  • What kind of product or service are you looking for? 

  • What is the timeline that you are looking for, for this deliverable?

  • Who is the primary contact for this request?

  • When are you available to book a consultation call (phone or video)?


NOTE: the first consultation call is free, but once we enter into a contract agreement, all following consultations calls are charged at a rate of $0.50/minute. However, you’re always welcome to email us for general questions, or to request pricing information.

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For information on pricing, additional details about workflow, and any further queries, please contact us via email.