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about us

missINFORMED is a youth-led health education and advocacy platform that crafts resources from an intersectional and community-informed lens. The organisation was founded in response to the lack of accessible health information for women and gender-diverse people across what is currently Canada. As young people, there are many questions about our health and health system we wish we had comprehensive answers to. What do I need to know about my breast/ chest health? Why does sex not feel for me, what it looks like in the media? Where can I find a gynaecologist who provides trauma-informed care? In our search for answers to these deeply complex questions about our health and health system, we’re often confronted with an overwhelming amount of misinformation and only surface-level answers that do not appreciate the complexity of our experiences.  


Western scientific research, informing much of what ‘health resources’ are today, has largely been focused on the needs of privileged groups, particularly the white cis male experience. This severely limits what young women and gender diverse folks are able to understand about our health, especially those of us who live at the intersection of other equity-deserving identities. We’re left without answers and feeling like our experience is completely unique to us. 

our mission

Our mission at missINFORMED is to respond to this glaring need for health resources that reflect the people who require them, and that incorporate diverse knowledge systems rather than relying solely on the Western research paradigm. We want everyone to know that they are not alone in their experience. Your questions about your health are valid and deserving of answers. 

our purposes

Resource Creation

Create credible resources made accessible to women and gender-diverse folks across what is currently Canada.

Foster communities among Women & Gender-diverse folks

To connect women and gender-diverse folks in communities across what is currently Canada by creating a safe space for sharing lived experiences.

Health Literacy Promotion

To promote health literacy on topics of health that often are mis-represented in, or absent from, formal institutional curricula and the Canadian health system.

Apply an Intersectional Lens

To ensure that we centre intersectionality (as coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw) throughout all of our work.

Promote LGBTQIA2S+ Research

To facilitate and promote research that disrupts dominant cis- and hetero-normative health narratives

Combat Stigmatization

To combat the stigmatization of health issues of women and gender-diverse folks.

Advocate for Women & Gender-diverse folks

To actively advocate for the health and wellbeing of women and gender-diverse folks.

Our team is a reflection of the community we serve. Young people who share your questions and experiences create the resources that are available on our website and socials. 

our board of directors

advisory committee 2023

our executive team


Chief Research Officer & Co-Founder

Kayla Benjamin



Director of Finance

Madison Lapierre



Outreach & Events Team

Allaina Morgani



Director of Research

Roma Dhamanaskar



Research Team

Carly Cihosky



Funding & Partnerships


Srushhti Trivedi



Chief Innovation Officer

Kyra Keer



Communications Team

Vanessa Matos



Research Team

Zoë Levi


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